Sphinx Tools Ltd. has been
in business since 1994

A lot of things have changed since then, but one thing is still the same: our daily striving to achieve ever greater precision. And to increase the satisfaction of our customers yet more.

2015Bringing into service approved clean room of category 8, ISO 14644-1 
201420-year anniversary
Recertification to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO13485:2012
2010Expansion of the micro-drill production center in Derendingen
2008Recertification to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO13485:2003
2006Purchase of the second production site in Porrentruy
2005Purchase of the site in Derendingen, and relocation of the head office
2004The 2004 SVC «Espace Mittelland Prize for Entrepreneurship»
Sphinx Tools Ltd. drills accurately to success
1999Launching of the «Standard» line of products
1997Patenting of the high performance drill «Quadro Plus»
Purchase of the production facility in Porrentruy
1994ISO 9001 certification
Founding of Sphinx Tools Ltd. as the result of a management buy-out



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